The art world is increasingly chaotic, and so now more than ever we want to be closer to our community, focus on providing better access to art.


The platform is open to all, without prior evaluation of the artists.

Access to the site is free, however to perform functions such as upload works of art, evaluate them, comment on them or purchase them, or to interact with other users, it is necessary to create an account or log in through Facebook and Google accounts.

No, the account is for strictly personal use.

Once your profile has been created, the user can both upload their works and freely explore the platform, discovering and following artists of their interest based on criteria such as geographic area, genre or subject of the work, artist training, etc. Users will be able to interact with each other, found or be invited into groups or collectives, and organize events. They will also be able to start a discussion on the work, talking with the artist himself or with anyone interested in it. Users will also be able to give their own evaluation to the works on the site, but these evaluations will not be visible except to those who provided them and to the artist.

No, Arsoluta does not impose any limits on users: it is possible at any time to unsubscribe and remove one's works from the site. The latter can also be exhibited through other channels without any exclusivity constraint on the part of Arsoluta. The only limits are those dictated by Italian law, as reported in the Terms and Conditions of use.

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